Sunday, June 14, 2009

Storage solution solved

We acquired this cute cabinet from our neighbors from across the road today. They offered it to us, they said if we didn't want it they were going to disassemble it so to speak.and that would be a shame.My storage solutions are solved! No more not knowing what I have or don't have because of having to dig through boxes and what not or not being able to get to my stockpile half of the time. Not only is this aggravating but can cost unnecessary money out of the pocket. One of my goals I promised myself this year was to get myself more organized. Not only do we have the bookcase we bought at the garage sale yesterday but, we have this really cute cabinet As you can see it has all this room underneath besides the 2 drawers. I love it! Plenty of room for my stockpiles. It is definitely what I need.

1 comment:

  1. This is so cute!
    Lucky you!
    All I get from my neighbor, is soda and beer cans thrown over the fence. Well, they're nice people (really), but the boys are supposed to crush the cans, and get a bit carried away!