Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finding nightcrawlers for fishing

Finding night crawlers for your fish bait instead of buying it can be rewarding and cheaper. I suppose its not for everyone. If you are a live bait fisherman fishing with night crawlers is a fun and economical way to land a variety of fish, whether it be bass, bluegill, perch, catfish, or crappie and among others. Fishing with night crawlers, which are simply large earth worms, is not only productive, but is lots of fun as well. Once you get over the part of having to put one on your hook, fishing with night crawlers is the best way, as well as the cheapest. Now, you can go to the bait store and pay as little as $3.60 for a dozen around here in Northeastern Indiana. However there is no reason to pay for your bait if you intend to go fishing with night crawlers if you catch them yourself. This only requires a flashlight, a can,and your hands. Once it's dark outside in the evening, especially during or following a rain, go out into your backyard and shine your light on the ground. You should see plenty of night crawlers, especially in and around your garden and in areas where there is open dirt. Keep the light directly off of them as they will very quickly head back underground. You have to be fast. This is the tricky part, slowly reach down and once near the crawler, grab it quick and firmly (they are quick) and slimy and squiggly...now finish pulling it out of the hole. Do not tug hard in order to avoid breaking the night crawler in two. Just pull gently until it comes up out of its hole. After awhile you will get the hang of it. Hubby is very quick and good at it. I am not. Once you have the night crawlers, you need to put them in the dirt, dead leaves, moss or grass in a cool place. In the refrigerator is good place to keep them if the family doesn't protest. We have found you can keep night crawlers alive for over a month in the refrigerator. Do not put in the freezer. I say this because ( this is a whole other story) Hee-Hee..Last year my darling Hubby didn't have his head on straight and we lost all of our crawlers due to being freeze dried major! We still laugh about this one! Now, that you see how easy it is to find your own night crawlers. Why buy your bait? Hmmm...... Maybe we will be night crawler hunting tonight. Sounds like fun!

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