Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pre arranged funeral/Burial

Have you ever gave it a thought or specific idea about what you wish to happen to your remains after you pass away? Hubby and I talked to the funeral director about this today. Quite frankly, I have never thought much about this sort of thing, probably because its just not something I want to think about. Hubby thinks it is so, his decision for a prearranged funeral/burial for us is so that it does not become an emotional or financial burden on our children or loved ones. So we talked about this. I am thinking this does make sense and is the right thing to do for us and our family. By doing this you'll say goodbye in a way that reflects your personal style not someone else's. We will protect our family from unnecessary pain and expense. It will minimize dispute between relatives. We can comfortably pay for this funeral over time at today's prices, so our family won't have to find the money later. You might be surprised that funeral planning isn't just for older people, that the best time to prearrange is when you are vibrant and healthy. The average full service adult funeral can cost up to $28,000 depending upon the services. Prearranging your funeral burial is something maybe we should all think about. No, it's not pleasant to think about but it's a sure thing, that as soon as you are born, you start to die.

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