Saturday, June 27, 2009

Garage sale find

It was a beautiful day for garage sailing. I haven't been going to as many sales as I have in the past years so it seemed like the thing to do. Hubby and I started out about 9:30 am with the intention of only garage sailing until about noon. Guess what, we didn't stop until about 3:30 pm. But, we enjoy the time together and scouting for anything we might need at a cheap price. Today we found something I really can use, and that is 3 large bookcases! Ever since we moved in this trailer I have done my share of complaining there is not enough closets or shelves or storage period! With all my stockpiling, I have devoted the small bedroom into my storage room. I have 1 small bookcase and a really nice cabinet to put things in. Just these 2 things have helped immensely. I have one whole wall that I wished I had nothing but shelves clear up to the ceiling. We found just that today. 3 of these large bookcases for a mere $22.00 for all that will fit that entire wall nicely. Hubby just finished putting one out of 3 of these together. Now, the fun part, getting it down the hall and getting it all set up in that room.

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