Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our garage sale adventure

I have to say this has been a long tiring day today. We got up at 6:00 am this morning, grabbed a bite of breakfast and coffee and were on our way for a day of garage saleing. Just the hubby and I spending time with each other. We found a few treasures we thought we couldn't live without like a sauder bookcase , new, still in the pkg for $15.00. I will put this in my little storage room to use for some of my extra stockpile. We also found the hubby some neat t-shirts with fish and fishing logos on it for a mere 50 cents. I found a really cool pair of walking shoes for $1.00 they are soooooo comfortable! There was alot of little of this and that. The best purchase hubby bought for us was a brand new still in box 12x20 canopy to use for my yard sales for $50.00 My dad has one he has had for years that he used to park his car under. I cannot stress how nice this will be as whenever i decide to have a sale, it likes to rain UGH! But, this will be nice for shade also. For the most part it was nice all day today. Later this afternoon soon gave way to rain and for the most part put a damper on the sales around town. Most people just started closing up. One place we went to just put everything out at the curb and said it was all free. Geesh.....people can be like vulchers when it comes to something like this! You should have seen all the people grabbing this and that and getting soaked in the rain. It didn't seem to bother them a bit ! Yea, I guess I am one of them. We soon had our little car filled as much as we could fill it and decided it was time to head home. Another day of garage saleling here and gone.

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  1. I just LOVE garage sales and we hit some fantastic ones when we were back in the US last year! I even got the Old Guy "hooked".
    Here, I don't bother much, because the prices are so high... but I still get that hopeful pang when we drive by one!

    Good for you, getting all those bargains! What a great feeling, eh?