Monday, June 8, 2009

Contaminated fish

We have been informed today by the Department of Environmentalist not to eat any fish from our lake until they determine the cause of all the dead fish showing up on shore. One of our neighbors buried over 35 dead fish that washed up on shore the other day and while we were on our dock and out for a boat ride we noticed lots of dead fish different places in the lake and up on shore. This causes me concern, we have 8 beautiful bluegill sitting in the basket off our dock and we will have to let them go. Its not worth the chance of getting sick and even if you don't get sick, Do you know what chemicals or poison you may be putting in your body by eating the contaminated fish? This problem is believed to be from spraying maybe from the fields and is leaching into the lake contaminating the fish. It is not sure exactly what it is. I am hoping they get this resolved soon so we can get back to fishing and eating those delicious bluegill again real soon.

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  1. Oh that's to bad. I hope they figure it out soon. Blue gill are sooo yummy!