Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spending time with family and friends

Hey all! It has been a busy weekend here in Indiana.I believe summer feels like summer now. Hot and sticky! We had our little granddaughter Jocelyne, overnight last night . When granddaughters stay overnight at Mimi's and Papa's house they always insist on going out to village kitchen for breakfast. Village Kitchen is the little mom & pop restaurant we always go to. We had a good breakfast with the wee one and hit a few garage sales before taking her home. My sister called and I spent the rest of the day helping her. It is always nice to spend some sister time,and we got alot accomplished. Later when I got home, my stepdaughter Amanda and her boyfriend with his 2 kids stopped over to go swimming and go for a pontoon ride. Later we grilled hot dogs on the grill.I guess what I was going to have tonight for dinner we will have to eat next week. Just when I thought I could get on the computer I didn't. Hubby and I spent time visiting with the neighbor friends across the drive. You know, sitting around the campfire, shooting the breeze, we even went out on their pontoon for a ride and yes, you guessed it, grilled hot dogs and grillers. So far, this has been a busy and fun weekend. I love spending time with friends and family! Take the time to spend with your family and friends. We all need it!

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