Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meijer and Walmart shopping trip 6/11

Tonight was not just payday for hubby and our eating out night at our most favorite restaurant but, it is also the night we do some of our shopping or errands. Tonight we went to Meijer and Walmart. I didn't need a whole lot because I bought alot of my groceries last week. There was however some things at Meijer that I needed and it was a very good deal. Walmart had a few good deals I just couldn't pass up.

This is what I got at Walmart. Total: $35.35 Total OOP $5.60 Whoo Hoo! approx. 93% savings?

This is my Meijer shopping trip. As usual the 20 oz Mt. dew is missing because hubby drank it on the way home. He loves his mt. dew. Total: $40.82 Total OOP $15.51 A savings of approx. 57%?

and then this is what came in the mail today....

A big 4 lb bag of dog food! The 4 free mars candy coupons came from a lady in front of us in Meijer at the checkout who gave them to me. She got them and said to use them for the granddaughters that she didn't really need them. Wow! That was really nice of her!

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  1. I love to see those small Walmart totals!!

    You had some great shopping trips!!!!