Friday, March 14, 2014

Finding Freedom thru Forgiveness

This book is primarily about forgiving our parents however, the lessons are for anyone. Forgiveness is essential to our lives. it is very powerful.The author explains the process of forgiving using biblical characters and I appreciate the author for doing so.I chose to read this book because my relationship with my parents especially my mother isn't a good one. I want to do my best in reaching out to them in a way that I can feel comfortable with for now. I am determined with God's help and the wisdom from this book to make progress in my hurting heart.The key to our living and sharing forgiveness with others is that we do it not because we are nice or that the other person deserves it, but, rather because God through Jesus has forgiven us especially when we do not deserve it. This book taught me not only about forgiveness but also how I view myself as a parent. I have nurtured my own hurts and meted out my judgement for so long. I find this book very well written with scriptural basis for healing through forgiveness and recommend this book highly..a must read.