Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Downside up by Tracey Mitchell book review

In this book Downside up, the author Tracey Mitchell helps you to relate in a Godly way to deal with rejections. It helps us to realize that things are not always perfect and that it is okay.  It is how we deal with those imperfections of life that really helps us grow and develop.The book is divided into chapters. In the end of every chapter there is a summary of the chapter principles, words of wisdom and a power quote and a plan of action. I like this. I thought it tied everything together and helped me to remember the main points. I have had a whole lot of rejection growing up, thrown at me and still do, so I am so happy to have had the privilege to have read this book because it is nothing but pure goodness. It is such a positive book and it is going to be a book I will go back over and over again. No matter how old you are and those looking to make changes in their life this book is for you.I received this book through Book Sneeze for free. The opinions I expressed are my own. No other compensation was given or received.