Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hubby has tackled the trash piles again!

Okay, you all know I enjoy curb crawling and dumpster diving. Well, my hubby will stop at a trash pile if he sees something worth stopping for. Yes, hubby did it again he tackled the trash piles again! Gotta love him! This time he rescued a pillow topper for a king size mattress and A king size comforter with the 2 matching pillow shams and bed skirt. I gotta tell you these were in immaculate shape and very clean. I cannot believe someone was throwing them away. This was in a ritzy upscale area on one of the lakes he was on while he was working. Okay, I really loved the mattress topper but seeing how we only have a full size bed this was definitely not going to work for us. I really wasn't sure what I was going to do. This thing was huge and heavy and would be hard to store until my next sale. I was thinking, if maybe one of our neighbors could use it that would solve the problem. I was right, and they even gave us $40.00 for the topper, and comforter set! They were happy and I was happy it found a home thus saving it from the landfill. All hubby got from this was "thank you Hunny"!

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