Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Be cool - Save energy

I love warm weather! In the spring as soon as I can, I am opening my windows but, when summer gets here and it gets hot and humid, my little trailer gets hot! Hubby and I will hold out as long as we can then we have to run the good ole central air. Being as frugal as I am, I don't like to do that unless I really need to. Some ways I and you can too to stay cool and save energy costs are.......

1. avoid cooling rooms that are not occupied. In my house it is the small bedroom I use as my storage/stockpile room.

2. Use fans to make your air conditioners job easier. Fans, like your ceiling fan improve the circulation and cost only 1/10 as much to operate.

3 Raise your thermastat. We keep ours 78-80 degrees during the day. Every degree you raise your thermastat in the summer is savings. As said before, use fans for circulation.

4.I do my cooking, laundry and bathing in the early morning or late evenings if all possible. Eat more cold meals during the summer. We cook outside as much as possible and use the microwave more. Bake at night if you need to. I never use my dryer in the summer. I hang clothes outside. this is way more energy efficiant and green. They smell so good too.

5. Use lights sparingly. Turn lights off when not in use. Thats something we should do any time of year.

6. Whether its shades, drapes or awnings, sheild your windows from the hot sun. I have mini blinds I close to keep the house cooler. I find this makes a huge difference in its self.

7. Keep all windows and doors shut to keep the air conditioner operating more effienciantly

8.Did you know reflective white roofs cut energy costs 20%? White roofs help deflect the suns hot rays thus reducing the indoor temperature.We do not have this , although we have checked into this.

9.Sip lemonade and think cool thoughts....like how you'll be freezing next winter and longing for summertime again!

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