Tuesday, July 7, 2009

winter onions

We all plant our gardens in the spring but, you can also plant a fall and winter garden. If you love gardening, you are probably going to plant your winter garden in the same place you had your warm season garden. If you had a summer garden, you probably won't need very much extra work digging and preparing the soil .Some of your wonderful winter/cool season veggies are cabbage, carrots, parsnips, turnips, winter onions, collards ect. I've just acquired some winter onions/walking onions from my neighbor.They need a permanent home. I am thinking a winter garden would be nice. According to my neighbor, these onions self reproduce and winter over from year to year. I don't know much about about this onion but as you can see from the picture the bulbs range from tiny pea sized to bigger than a marble. These are in clusters at the top of the stiff stalk. You break these off before they topple over and separate them. Later you plant these for next years crop.In the fall I will plant the sets. Does anyone else know anything about these onions?

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  1. These are also called Egyptian onions .The little bulbs on top can be planted in the summer or fall for an early winter green onion.They can also be planted in a cold frame for late winter or early spring green onion.