Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A busy week

Whew! This has been proving to be a busy week for me this far. Yesterday I canned 7 quarts of green beans and today I picked another pail full which I really wasn't going to pick but ended up doing anyways. Got them all snipped and snapped (hubby helped) washed and ready for the cooker early in the morning. I am too whipped tonight to do it. I should have another 7 quarts. I figure as long as I have beans I might as well can them. I made rice pudding from scratch today also. We have alot of milk on hand right now. If the milk gets even the slightest tainted my husband gets sick on it right now. He is the milk drinker in the family. I will not drink it unless it is chocolate. Yea, I know. So I found this would be a good way to use the milk more quickly before this happens. We had a bit of excitement today as we found out our neighbors shed was broke into and the thief stole gas. The cops were called and they are investigating. I guess other places across the road have been reporting gas being stolen. Hope they find who is doing this crime. Meanwhile for tonight the cop said they would be patrolling the area. That is good. I just can't understand why someone would risk going to jail over a little bit of gas. But whoever said a crook was smart.

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