Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great find at Meijer!

I found a great find today at Meijer. Actually, I really don't need anything at the store this week except my dog was out of pupr-roni dog treats. She has been out for a few days. Sassy loves her pupr-roni's and will not touch any other kind.She is so little and most dog treats are so big. Heck, 1 dog treat would probably last Sassy a week. The regular price on these pupr-roni dog treats are usually $4.69. Today I found these on clearance for $3.03 So, I picked up 8 boxes, which is about all they had left. This is the good part....they scanned at $2.27 a box. Whoo-hoo! Sassy is now a very happy pup!

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