Friday, July 24, 2009

Living Healthy on less

If you are smart about it, you can still eat healthy, stay physical fit and receive medical care even in these tough economic times. Most people are cutting back, trying to save more and make do with less. This is a must for my Hubby and I no matter what times. Let's face it, living on one paycheck is no doubt having to live on less.but, can you cut back when it comes to your health? I believe you can. Some of the things we do is treat colds and virus's,flu and other things at home. Colds and virus's and things like that have to follow it's course and you probably don't need to rush to see the doctor. However if you are not getting better and experiencing worse symptoms or different symptoms then I would suggest a call to the doctor should be made. For the cutbacks in the food arena you can eat healthy and still stay on budget. It just takes a little extra planning and thought. I found preparing more of your own food saves you money Prepackaged foods are often expensive. Have a plan at the grocery store.Don't go to the store hungry! (I'm sure you have heard that one before) and go with a list. Take advantage of seasonal produce. Produce that is in season is going to be a little cheaper. Better yet, if you have the time and space plant a garden and grow your own produce. Stockpile non perishables. Stock up on canned foods when they are on sale. buying food in the bulk is good if it doesn't spoil before you use it. Buy inexpensive sources of needed nutrients. Beans are very inexpensive source of protein and fiber and very versatile. There are many varieties of them and you can do so many things with them. Popcorn and oatmeal are inexpensive grain options and nonfat milk is a cheap source of dairy and not to mention great to have on hand. Why pay a pricey gym membership to keep fit. The thing people need to realize is for general health any kind of physical activity is all we need. We don't have to go to the gym. Walking is free and I find it very enjoyable when I can walk with a friend. You could also jump rope, ride a bike, purchase a physio ball. These are cheap and you can do all sorts of exercises with these balls. So you see, you can keep physical fit on the cheap, use extra thought and planning when planning your diet and cutting back health care by simply treating simple virus's at home. Your health and fitness need not suffer. and you can live healthy on less.

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