Monday, July 20, 2009


With the abundance and plenty of fresh veggies on hand from the garden, menu planning this week is easy and I am loving it by incorporating all these wonderful veggies in my meals! Don't forget to check out the recipes at the end of this post. I got them from She has got some awesome recipes. So I give her all the credit for these.This week I have planned....

MONDAY- Ridiculously Easy Crock Pot Roast* , New red potatoes and carrots, Hawaiian bread rolls

TUESDAY- Beef and noodles ( made from leftover roast), corn on the cob, fresh sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, and green pepper

WEDNESDAY- T-bone steak on the grill ( DH and I have been saving this for ourselves) Dilly zucchini casserole*, sliced cucumbers

THURSDAY- Eating out tonight!

FRIDAY-macaroni and cheese, fresh green beans, zucchini bread

SATURDAY- chef salads, root beer floats

SUNDAY- On our own!

Whats on your menu this week? Also visit for more menu planning ideas!


1 roast

1 can cream of Mushroom soup

1 pkg. Onion Soup mix

Place roast in a crock pot

Pour cream of mushroom soup on top of roast

Sprinkle Onion soup mix over all

Cover crock pot and cook on low for 6-8 hours


Use any kind of roast or meat. chicken, beef,venison ect.

use any kind of cream of soup you like

use a homemade "cream of" soup instead of buying at the store

use some beef bouillon powder & some dried minced onions instead of the onion soup mix

add carrots, potatoes,celery or any other veggie that sounds good to you and let cook along with the roast


1 cup Bisquick ( or substitute)

1T. Dill weed

1 tsp. pepper

1/2 C vegetable oil

1 onion

1/2 C grated Parmesan

1 tsp. salt

4 eggs

3 Cups chopped zucchini

Combine Bisquick, Parmesan, dill salt & pepper

Add eggs & oil then mix well

Stir in zucchini and onion until well blended

Pour mixture into a greased casserole dish & bake uncovered at 375 for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown

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