Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time for a bath?

Today my dog Sassafrass goes to the dog parlour for a good bath and grooming again. Normally I try to bathe her once a week or when ever I get around to it. There is times when a dog just needs a bath- no question about it. Some general rules to help recognize when its time to give a dog a bath is ....
Smelly dogs- A smelly dog is the # 1 reason it's time to give your dog a bath.
Dirty dogs- They often stink from rolling in something smelly or just plain "doggy odor"
Dandruff- Dogs can get seborrhea (dry skin) just like people, but regular bathing can help and keep it under control. A bath is a great way to help eliminate the dead skin.
Allergies and itchy skin- Many dogs have allergies or itchy skin that can benefit from regular bathing. Certain shampoos can also help to soothe the skin and reduce the itching.
Parasites- Dogs with fleas, ticks,or mites can really benefit from bathing, a bath will help remove the parasites. It should be followed up with a good flea or tick medication.
These are all good reasons to bathe a dog. Some need it weekly and some monthly depending on the dog. I found recently this quick and easy way to give your dog a bath, its called rapid bath its an automatic power wash system. The water and shampoo system literally allows you to bathe your dog in only a few minutes, indoors or out and its easy because theres no hand washing required. The power wash goes right through the coat, all the way down to the dogs skin. This is really great invention. This has got to make washing any dog much easier.For some people using a rapid bath could turn a doggy nightmare in a dream come true, even for people like me with a 4lb dog. Check out

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