Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Canning jars...Not just for canning

When it comes to canning fruits and veggies,mason jars are the jars are the jars to use.So, what about the jars that have little chips on their lips that would interfere with sealing? Got bunches of them and don't know what to do with them? Don't throw them away! With canning in full force here at my house, I realized I had quite a few old jars that were cracked or chipped. They aren't just for canning. Your old mason jars have tons of uses. There is nothing better to use for storing food and decorative storing .I have quite a few of them I use for this purpose. They have tons of uses. In fact they are so multipurpose. For the kitchen they are great for storing dried beans, oatmeal,sugars,dried herbs,spices,and homemade dry mixes to storing your seeds for last years bounty. In the bathroom you can store cotton balls and Q tips. With the small jars, hubby likes to store nails or screws. They are great for making sun tea. I have a set with handles I picked up at a garage sale last year that I use for drinking glasses. They are really cute used for vases for flowers. Last year for Christmas I used them for gifts by making a brownie mix ,putting in the jar, and attaching the recipe. Our kids loved it! Canning jars are completely reusable unlike plastic ware. They don't leak out toxins and are strong. you can easily see what is stored in them. As for myself I love the old fashioned look of them too!

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