Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kroger store closing

Kroger is closing it's doors here in our community in August. I am guessing around the 18th. I am sort of sad to see it go. Even more sad is the fact all these workers will be without a job and soon join the unemployed, like we need that in this already oppressed economy. When I found out it didn't surprise me none as I don't believe they get the business like Walmart or Meijers does .Whenever I am in the store there is but a handful of people shopping. For the most part, people who shop Kroger go for the triple coupons and deals. I am one of those people. It also won't be any surprise to maybe see some really good deals in the next few weeks. I also get my prescriptions at Kroger. I am hearing that they will move all the records to Meijer. I am not sure if I will stick with Meijer or will transfer to CVS in the future. This is something I will think about.


  1. I'm bummed, I love shopping there!
    I need KROGER!!!!

  2. I work at a kroger in ohio