Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for so many things. Gratitude is a great habit!
Today I am thankful for my hardworking, understanding husband who loves me and who is understanding even when I make mistakes. He is the most understanding husband in the world.
My dog Sassafrass, who likes to cuddle. She gives me alot of love, and I have given her the same back!
American Idol that is on again tonight. I know, not everyone agrees on this but, its one of a few shows I like to watch....which isn't very many...something to relax to...I love it!
I am thankful for friends, for the ones I have now and for the ones God will provide to me in the future.
I am very thankful for spring break next week. This means Monday I don't have to babysit my granddaughters which in turn, a break for Mimi too!
I am thankful the ice is off our lake and spring is just around the corner and.........most of all......
for God, showing me how to love his way and continual grace and mercy in my life!

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