Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dial-up Frustrations

Being on dial-up, I get frustrated and often end up surfing away from many blogs when they have alot of pictures on their main page simply because, it takes soooo... long to load their main page. I end up giving up trying to see it. Things often freeze up with my old computer while they are loading, and this is not just with that page but, everything else that I am doing on the computer, like audio streaming, Internet radio and web cast. Forget it! 3 hours to load, no joke! This all adds to the frustration levels. This makes me sad because many pages I don't revisit, they have interesting entries but, because of the long loading times, many of us on poor old dial-up are disadvantaged. I really shouldn't complain though. as I am lucky to even have a computer. When our last one went, we didn't have the money right then to get a new one. My husbands boss at work was kind to give us one of their old computers. (A little older than our last one) It was a great working computer but, memory was at its limits and SLOW. I guess hubbys boss even tried to crash it on purpose and he couldn't get it to do it. That says alot for Dell computers. I've had this poor thing for a year now and it is, you guessed it, SLOW. Dial-up makes this whole thing worse. I think my hubby is tired of hearing me from the other room ranting on so like I do everyday. Considering my location, Hughes net and dial-up are my only options. Hughes net is expensive and they know they can be. I am stuck with snail dial-up or no Internet at all for the time being. But, you can bet I will be getting a new computer and and looking into broadband as soon as we are able and sending the " old banger" to the scrap yard!

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