Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My yard sale and making a profit

I have been working all winter getting stuff for my yard sale in the spring. A typical yard sale at my house brings in about $100-$150 per day. Not bad really, considering I never advertise and live in a rural area. I feel advertising in our local paper is a bit pricey. This year however I am hoping to bring those $$ up. My primary goal with having my yard sale is to get rid of some clutter, but, the extra cash for my new computer will be nice too. This year I decided to do something different. Most of what I make will simply be recouping a small portion of money already spent. I expect to make a true profit on some of the things I'm selling. I am trying to make money by shopping for myself at yard sales. If you go to yard sales regularly, you will soon get a feel for how people in your area price certain things. Buy things that are under priced, whether you use them or not; take good care of them and sell them at your future sale for a price typical of your area. Look for deals throughout the year. Because of coupons, rebates, and store clearances, I buy a lot of personal hygiene products and other small items that are free or cheap. By the time yard sale season rolls around, my storage closets are over-flowing. I keep what I expect to use the next year, and sell the rest for about half of the retail value. Sell things whose value has appreciated since you bought them. Although I don't have much in antiques (most of mine are heirlooms) I am always keeping my eye out for such things. Although I haven't myself in a while, going to auctions and buying several lots of items, and then reselling what you don't want in those lots is yet another excellent way to make a profit. I look for deals throughout the year and have fun bargain hunting and whether I make $10 or $1000 at my yard sales, It is a profitable and fun experience.

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