Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spoiling the grandaughter

Last Friday we get a phone call...This little 5 year old voice goes " Can I come over and spend the night with you?" "Of course, Mimi and Papa love having our grandchildren." We made it clear just her and not her sister as 1 granddaughter is about all we want to handle at this time though. Jasmyne loved her stay so much yesterday. She didn't want to go home. Of course, everyone knows the job of grandparents is to spoil their grandchildren. Spoil them and send them away right? Guilty as charged! Jasmyne's request was Village Kitchen for breakfast, where she eagerly gobbled up a huge pancake and chocolate milk. Papa gave her a dollar plus she got to keep the change after paying the bill. We went to see great grandma and grandpa, saw our Aunt Sheila. Went to Rural King where we got to see oodles of baby chicks they had for sale. Papa bought her a Barbie fishing pole. We stopped at a garage sale where Mimi found nice clothes, her size, for 25 cents-50 cents. Jasmyne picked out some cute outfits and we ended up with a large stack of them plus a little toy. She also ended up along the way somewhere with some chocolate eggs Papa bought her. Hmmm... There is such freedom when you are a grandparent, spoiling the kiddos ( just a bit) is your reward for all the times you wish you could have with yours, but knew that wasn't the responsible thing to do. Giving in...what a great feeling!

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