Monday, March 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

We love simple, comfort foods, nothing fancy, easy to make and frugal. This week fits just that. We also have been extremely busy and is only to get worse I am afraid. My hubby works for a dock service and is putting in his first dock of the season today Brrrrrr.....I am glad its him in the water. He is usually VERY busy now through Memorial day weekend. This is my menu for the week.

MONDAY- Goulash, garlic bread

TUESDAY- eating out (at our all time fav restaurant,Village Kitchen,they have cheap, good food, and the best coffee in town)

WEDNESDAY- roasted chicken, rice with peas and mushrooms, tossed salad

THURSDAY- fish, (bluegill from our lake), french fries, tossed salad

FRIDAY-grilled cheese,tomato soup, fruit

SATURDAY- salmon patties,macaroni and cheese, green beans(home canned)

SUNDAY- on your own

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