Thursday, April 30, 2009

weather rant

The weather here in Northern Indiana is for the birds! Every time I decide to have a yard sale the weather here takes a turn. Could it be mother nature is telling me something? I could have had it last week and it probably wouldn't of been nice like it was. UGH! No, this isn't the first time this has happened. This the kinda thing that happens every year. Now, let me tell you the way the days have been. While we have been setting up the sale it was windy and drizzly.We set up the tent 2 times. The first time it flattened and broke and ripped more of the screening. We fixed and set it up again and then came the drizzle and dampness. Yuk! everyone going in and out of the house, wet, mud, and the whole shabang. We all took our shoes off at the door but it still was a mess and I have light tan carpet. Okay, no problem, I will just have to shampoo it. It was no ones fault really. This morning we open up the sale. We have early birds! but, we are still trying to set up because I have so much stuff and we were afraid to set out some stuff because maybe of rain and having to cover it. We got a few people but, just when I thought it would be good. Here comes the rain!!!!UGH! So, my sister and I are trying to cover things fast! We can only go so fast so some things got well.......wet.........including ourselves. By now I am getting very aggravated. There were some people trying to come see and I had to tell them I was closed because of the rain. Some people still wanted to see and I made a few bucks. All in all I made about $130 just this morning, in spite of the rain and the wind and the mud. If the weather had been nice I know I could have done very well. Tomorrow morning we now have a camping tent that we are selling needs to go back up as of tonight it has flattened. I would cry now but, that would just add more water!!!!

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  1. ooohhh sweetie, sorry about this crazy weather... better days ahead!!
    I know it doesn't help now...