Friday, April 10, 2009

Loving my husband Friday

I am taking the time every Friday to focus on my husband, what I may love about him or what he has done to encourage me this week, or perhaps just a tip on how to keep our marriages strong. Don't forget to pray for your husband and let him know your bragging about him. Just go to Let's pray for all marriages and for one another. Let's keep them strong!
I love my husband for his little surprises that he surprises me with!
I love him for his understanding and lending ear when I need to vent!
I love him for his willingness to give to others, even if it means he goes without!
I love him for the great Dad and Papa he is to his children and grandchildren even his stepchildren, treating them all equal and loving his stepchildren and grandchildren as if they were his own flesh and blood!
I love him for the hard worker he is! Never complaining! I don't think there is a lazy bone in this mans body!
Okay, its your turn!

1 comment:

  1. O hun... you're very Blessed!

    My Old Guy is everything I've ever needed or wanted in a man and in a relationship... and as much as I complain about his odd little quirks, I wouldn't trade him for anything!