Sunday, April 19, 2009

Curb Crawling

This week is our citywide cleanup and garbage pickup. It is where the city will pick up your junk and garbage, You just set it out by the curb and they, the city will pick it up. It is also a great opportunity for us curb crawlers to drive around and check out what others are throwing out. I have been curb crawling for a few years now. Oh yea, I can say a pretty darn good one (curb crawler) also. Some of the best stuff has come from the dumpster or curb. Like for example, a pair of ladies boots from bass, these boots looked brand new when I found them lying in the dumpster. I still wear them. They are the most comfortable winter boots, and my favorite pair. I love them! Last year, my friend Becky and stepdaughter Amanda, and I made several trips and returned with full carloads just full of stuff. Stuff that was still decent and usable. The things we didn't keep we turned around and sold at our yard sale. Yes, and they sold! amazing hugh? This year however, after driving around I don't see nothing yet that impresses me. The junk that is thrown out is really truly junk. Perhaps, with the economy the way it is people are getting wiser? That would be a good thing. Not so good for us curb crawlers or dumpster divers though. I believe us Americans are far too wasteful anyways and its a shame so much good, usable stuff usually ends up in the landfills. With the economy, maybe people are holding on to their stuff instead of throwing out and buying new, or perhaps waiting the last minute to set it out? Whatever the reason, this year for me, wasting gas to curb crawl with no potential benefits except for moving the gas tank from F to E well, probably not going to happen. Maybe next year?


  1. I used to love doing this, but I've never seen it done in this area of Aus. :-(
    Maybe here it's because free-cycle is so popular...I don't know.

  2. free cycle is popular here also, in fact I participate in it. But, I cannot believe there is still people that don't give it a thought and just throw away good usable stuff.