Monday, April 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Hope all of you had a good Easter. We had a very nice one. I enjoy this holiday very much, after all Easter is the holiday in which we celebrate Christ's resurrection. Easter is so special indeed. I believe I made way too much food but, that is okay because I was hoping for some leftovers. It will be an easy week of preparing dinners for me now. I will probably freeze some of the ham for future use later. This is my menu for this week-

MONDAY- ham sandwiches, pea salad, leftover cake

TUESDAY- chicken and noodles, leftover green bean casserole

WEDNESDAY- pork chops, leftover scalloped potatoes, corn

THURSDAY- we are eating out

FRIDAY- sausage and cabbage, mashed potatoes

SATURDAY- ham and beans, corn bread

SUNDAY- on our own!


  1. I have to do my menu this afternoon, but dinner for tonight is all set and ready to go in the crockpot. Mmmmm...It's going to smell good in here!

  2. I like cabbage but am not so hot about sausage.

    You have a blog award at my blog ready to be picked up.