Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ranting on.....

Pooh! Here in Northeast Indiana winter won't give up! I put away my winter coats last week in favor for a lighter weight springy jacket. I guess it was too soon. The rain here will change into the dreaded word yes, SNOW, overnight, blustery conditions and possible accumulation. High in the low 30's, POOH! nothing like that to put you in a bad mood. Oh yes, and to top it off I just found out (hubby kept it a secret because he knew I would be upset) that he got $50.00 stolen out of his wallet at work yesterday. UGH! My husband had his wallet hidden in his lunch cooler and the person had to have been looking and I mean really looking. Johns boss is investigating the matter. This isn't the first time hubby has had his money stolen neither. Last year, someone stole his entire wallet. That meant getting a new social security card, new wallet, ect... I don't care who you are...Stealing is wrong!!! My husband is one of those guys that would take his shirt off his back to help others. He is trusting and kind. Somehow, I don't know why he always gets attacked. I hope they get the culprit and he gets his just desserts!!!!!! Okay, I feel better now!!!!!

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  1. Grrrrrrr... Don't you just hate this weather?
    Of course, In Oz, we're just backwards from you, season-wise, but I've been turning the heater on one day, and the air conditioner on, the next!

    And as far as thieves??? That is SO wrong and I would be insisting that the boss either gets to the bottom of it, or I would be calling the police!