Sunday, April 19, 2009

CVS shopping trip 4/19

My shopping trip to CVS today was alright. I am not going to complain. There were a few good deals I couldn't pass up. Sorry I don't have any pictures at this time. It is something I plan to have more of once I get my new computer. So today's scenario was.....

2 Act Rinse $3.79 each=$7.58
1 Crest pro health rinse $2.88
1 Pro health toothpaste $2.88
1 Edge infused shaving cream $2.89
1 Bayer crystal 4 ct. $2.00
1 giant bat and ball $4.99 ( hubby picked this up to play with granddaughters with, he wants to teach them how to play ball)
1 Hostess frosted chocolate doughnuts $3.19
1 Just for men hair color $ 8.99
1 therm0s water bottle $3.33
TOTAL: $45.40
Total MQ"s: $16.18
Total CVS Q"s $5.00
ECB"s used $12.89
Total 00p= $5.80 That is an approx. 95% savings!!!! Received $12.89 ecb's back!

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