Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It can't really be Thankful Thursday again already! What happened to the week? I am constantly amazed by how fast time passes. I will start this Thursday off with being thankful for my health- many people seem to be having serious health issues and I thank God that I am healthy.
Fresh spring air- Yes, after a long winter, spring is very welcome. A time of rebirth and renewal, just like we are new in Christ because of his redeeming love, his death and his resurrection. and not to mention, the sound of the birds make my heart sing also. They seem so happy to be out and about!
My hubby's job! With the struggling economy, I am very thankful he still has his and that God continues to provide for us beyond our needs.
For comfy pajama bottoms and m&ms! (This week my hormones are going nuts!)
Every Thursday, come here to post what you're thankful for...its not too much to be thankful, for just one day a week.

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