Friday, January 14, 2011

My Farmville Confession

Farmville is something to do in your spare time, something that consumes you? Yes, it does but, I find it to be very relaxing. Hi, I am Susan and I'm addicted to farmville. Most of you probably already know about farmville but for those who do not, farmville is a game created for facebook by a company called zynga that allows us users to manage and grow a virtual farm. Apparently, it is the # 1 application on facebook Players earn money to build their farms by planting, growing and harvesting crops. It takes time, patience, and you have to keep up with the game so that your crops don't wither over time. The game lets you cultivate crops in a small amount of time. You use the coins you earn to increase the amount of things you cultivate and how conveniently you can do it. You also can increase the size of your farm. I soon found myself trying to get as much coins as possible, expanding my land, then checking every few minutes, waiting for my crops to be ready for harvesting. I can't let them wither! This game is possibly the most addictive game ever! I can never seem to get enough of it. Yes, it's true, I'm addicted to farmville. It's insanity really. I guess it proves I don't have anything better to do with my time except blogging of course. I owe all the thanks to my sweet brother-in-law who informed me I should give this game a try. This was last fall. It sounded very intriguing. It demanded my attention and curious, decided to give it a try. Was it a mistake or not? I ask myself that question alot. I can't ever see myself saying goodbye to farmville, at least not in the future anyway. It's not an addiction that I'm particularly proud of, but hey, at least I know I am not alone. Who else is willing to confess?

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