Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ice fishing..... Love it or hate it

Monday for supper we had bluegill my dad and I caught on the pond this summer. I had froze them for some delicious eating this winter. My DH has been out a few times ice fishing so far this winter, something he never got to do last winter, in fact he is out fishing right now. I don't balk as he enjoys his man time and I enjoy my no man time. I would love to go out with him a couple of times. but, I dislike the cold and not sure if this old body can handle this sort of thing anymore. DH assured me when the temperature warms up in the 30 degree range I can go. Not going to argue with that. I will stay home where it is warm and let the DH freeze his old hiney, bring home the fish, ( if he catches any) clean them and I will cook them. I like to take each precious piece, dip in egg and roll in panko crumbs. I salt and pepper them and fry them in a small amount of canola oil until they are golden. mmmm-mmmm you just can't beat the taste of bluegill. Anyways, for those of you that have never ice fished, ice fishing is the practice of catching fish in an opening in the ice which you have drilled with an ice auger. If you are bothered by the cold, this kind of fishing is probably not for you. There has been many times DH has gone out and sat out on the iced lake or pond for hours and never caught a thing. However, the times I went out with him we were lucky and caught many fish right after another. It must have been the adrenaline flowing but, this kept me from thinking how cold I was. Ice fishing has an allure all of it's own. Some say it is peaceful, some say it's relaxing, most say it's crazy. There is very little debate when it comes to ice fishing. People usually love it or hate it. Perhaps you should try it and decide for yourself.

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