Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It feels so good to be back planing my menus. What a way to start 2011. This week, in particular, the money is tight and with DH layed off for the winter, the pennies have to be pinched even so tighter. We will have to make do on what we have in stock. It doesn't seem to be much of a problem this week as we still have quite a bit left in the freezer and a fairly well stocked pantry. Ahhh.....the beauty of stockpiling. However, our meat supply is getting low. I personally, can live without so much meat as I have never been a big meat eater but, for DH that would be a catastrophe. This man loves his meat! I will most definitely need to visit our local butcher the following week. In the meantime, here is this weeks menu plan. Don't forget to visit for more menu plans.

pan fried bluegill
sweet potato fries
cole slaw

green beans

chili (made with our venison)
homemade bread

chicken and stuffing (in crock pot)
steamed cauliflower
mashed potatoes

chicken and veggie stir fry
brown rice

leftover chili
grilled cheese sandwiches

on our own


  1. My husband is diabetic and is also on blood thinners. For this reason, he eats quite a bit of meat, as a lot of veggies have high levels of vitamin K. Meat gives protein with no carbs, so is less harmful on his blood sugar levels. Makes for hard menu planning sometimes.

    How do you do sweet potato fries? Do you peel, slice and fry as if they were regular potatoes?

  2. Thats a little encouragement about meat eating. I don't feel so bad now. As for the sweet potato fries, I am cheating this time. I have a bag of ore-Ida in the freezer and you bake them. I do not see why you can't slice them and fry, bake or whatever like a potato. I have not tried.