Sunday, October 18, 2009

Welcome hunting season

It's hunting season and that means hubby is on his hunting adventure again. While he's off in the woods I'm alone alot! While some wives complain about their husbands gone all the time during deer season I choose not. While I do miss him, lets face it, You might as well kiss him goodbye for the rest of hunting season. Welcome to hunting season! I accept it! Yes, I know he would rather be in the woods than with me and would rather spend his only day off freezing his rump off in a deer stand for hours on end without moving a muscle until a prize deer crosses his path.Yes, I will be prepared to drop everything at a moments notice to come outside and admire his kill. Again I will run the nastiest load of bloody laundry that my washer has ever had to tolerate and it will once again become socially acceptable in my household to smell like deer urine or acorns. I will once again help skin, quarter, pack and freeze deer meat down in my dads basement forming an assembly line. I will keep a smile on my face. If I let things like this get in the way of my happiness then I am going to be miserable all season long. The choice is mine, mind over matter. I don't mind because It is truly one of the things besides fishing my hubby enjoys. He can enjoy his man time and I will enjoy my man free time. I will clean out my freezer. This will make hubby happy because he will actually believe that you believe he's going to get the big one. I will stay busy by enjoying a relaxing day doing some baking, visiting my neighbor and best friend, blogging, reading, fall cleaning and getting my house organized before the holidays spending time with my sister, and Oh! It's the perfect time to maybe do some of that holiday shopping without my husband peeking in the bags. So, for those of you married to a deer hunter, Keep in mind deer hunting is an opportunity to fill your freezer with plenty of healthy meat. Remember, life will go back to normal after hunting season.

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