Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bubblewrap window insulation

As the temperatures turn cooler, I have been thinking about how we can keep our heating bills down.We rent a mobile home so buying new replacement windows is not an option . Heating our little place costs us a fortune every winter.Our windows are those cheap mobile home single paned windows that have storm windows we take down in the spring and put back up in the fall UGH! I have 2 storm windows back up now and 6 more to go. Before I put up the rest, I have found you can use bubble wrap, you know the stuff that is intended for padding for breakables for shipping to stop cold air from creeping in at the windows. Our windows leak like sieves and there is no way to afford replacements even if we didn't rent at this time. I am planning on trying the bubble wrap thing. It is so easy to put up....just cut a piece to fit the size of the window pane, spray the glass with water, and gently press the bubble wrap in place ( bubble side of the wrap against the window) It is pretty effective stuff as they use it in green houses. The water holds the bubble wrap to the window all winter. No need for tape or glue. By placing bubble wrap in the winter it doubles the R value. This could cut the heat loss in half. This is going to be the least expensive and quickest fix to insulate our windows this winter season. You can guess what I'm going to be doing this week.

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