Saturday, October 3, 2009

Applefest 2009

I live a frugal lifestyle and I love it! But, I will be truthful with you, I still waste money....if that's what you like to call it. But, because of DH's and I frugal lifestyle, wasting money, like today at the Apple fest made it all possible. It is a once a year thing DH and I do together. I must say......there is nothing like a full belly, a hot shower and getting into some warm flannel pj's after a cold long rainy drizzling day at the festival. Yes, you heard right a cold drizzling day. But hey, as always we had fun. We go to the apple fest every year! It's our day! and as always we came back home with our bellies bursting full from all that yummy fattening food the festival has to offer. Because everyone knows it all smells so good and you gotta try it all. We ate beef and noodles, ham and beans with corn bread, pork tenderloin sandwich, apple fritters, hot spiced cider, roasted almonds, New Brunswick stew oh yea, caramel apples. Yummmmmm! I think after all this food a diet is in order. Of course the raise a ruckus musical show which is our personal favorite and the wagon ride, cloggers, demonstrations, the magic show. I personally love going through all the craft barns and getting ideas mostly. So, tell me what is your favorite food at festivals? Have you been to any festivals this year?

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