Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Time to start thinking of winterizing

It's that time of year when people take out their docks and boats out of the water until next spring when they all have to go back in again. Well, at least here in Northern Indiana that is. DH has been busy one by one day by day taking out docks. Our dock and pontoon is still in the water and will probably be one of the last ones to come out. When our pontoon comes out of the water you then have to winterize it. Winterizing your boat is the equivalent of spring cleaning for your home, yet it is done 6 months earlier and involves some very essential preventive maintenance to protect it from the cold weather and extended period of inactivity. The man who sold us our pontoon is supposed to help us winterize it. As we want it winterized the very same way he had done it, because right now she is a sweet sounding motor especially for her age and we want to keep it that way. So, I will write about this process later. Now, you do have to properly cover your boat with a high quality boat cover or tarp that is fastened securely. We have a large canvas we are using. You can also have your pontoon shrink wrapped but, that can get costly every year. However it does provide 100 percent waterproof protection. We will then set our pontoon on blocks. We do not have a trailer and will have to rent one just to get it out of the water.

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