Monday, December 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It is Christmas week, ahhh ...Just a few days now until Christmas and it really doesn't seem possible at all. As I have said before Where did the time go? With our family Christmas behind us, which was a success, a bit crowded and noisy, it was so neat to have everyone here together once again. Little Dalton and Reese are growing up so fast. I was amazed that at only 3 years old Reese could spell her name, could recite the Pledge allegiance flawlessly and use such big words like the word "cooperating." This week will be a bit more relaxing. My sister will be here for Christmas eve and Christmas day DH and I will be ourselves. Our menu this week looks like this...

MONDAY- Ridiculously easy crock pot roast ( I will put some carrots and potatoes in with it), dinner rolls

TUESDAY- Beef and noodles ( made with leftover roast) corn

WEDNESDAY- I am not sure yet as we have some last minute errands in town that day

Christmas Eve- potato soup, chicken salad sandwiches on whole wheat bread from the mill, small relish tray, Homemade gingerbread w/real whipped cream, Christmas cookies and candy

CHRISTMAS DAY- spiral ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, pumpkin roll, Christmas cookies

SATURDAY- ham sandwiches, leftovers

SUNDAY- leftovers

Be sure to check out orgjunkie for more amazing menus!

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