Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it snow!!

Those needing winter weather to help them get into the Christmas mood need wait no longer. Here in northern Indiana it's snowing. UGH! Some of the reasons I don't like winter is directly related to the cold. I can't stand how my lips and hands get chapped. I use so much lotion and chap stick this time of year, or scraping frost or ice off the car windows or having to wait for the car to get warm enough for the heat to work. Driving on snow covered roads can almost give me ulcers. It's quite simple, I am not fond of winter. For hubby and I winter is a tough time of year. I would just love to do what the bears do and hibernate until Spring. But, I can't, so I must deal with it. I will embrace the winter season and let my inner child have some fun maybe perhaps I can take the stress out of the winter season this year. I can think like a child. Remember making snow angels when you were a kid? One year my hubby made a stellar snowman. The grand kids called it Mimi. Papa makes a Mimi every year now for the kiddos. I can feed the birds. One of our greatest joys is our bird feeding stations in our backyard. It is right outside the dining room and living room windows. I love watching the many birds who come to eat. The joyful little calls really lift me up and make me happy and the gorgeous red cardinals or blue jay against the white snow...Sublime! The lively spot of color in an otherwise dreary landscape is wonderful. Put out a bird feeder near a window where you can watch the birds. You will be amazed at how much they perk you up. I can ice fish with the hubby I know, seems a bit odd for someone who hates the cold and snow as much as I do but, if you are catching fish one right after another like the hubby and I did one winter, you kind of forget all about the freezing cold until you have to pee and there is no where to go and it means if you do find a place , you have to take off everything just about, just to go, Brrrr! I'm guessing ice fishing is not a woman thing. But, it is so rewarding to catch more fish than the darling husband of mine. So despite the cold and snow winter weather has to offer. I say, Let it snow!

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