Monday, December 21, 2009

Bad Dog!

I love my dog I really do, all 4 little lbs of her, but sometimes she just tries my paintence. Our dog has an attitude I mean a really big attitude! She is a yorkie shit-zu and has this thing about any of us leaving her alone You might call it seperation anxiety. We have tried a small crate and when she learned how to open it to escape we started putting a padlock on it. But that got to be a pain. I figured she would just have to get over her little attitude. She has gotten over it for the most part but, mini blinds she must hate because we have gone through at least 5 or 6 of them the past year or so. Now, if I didn't like the looks of them so well on my windows, and did such a fine job of sheilding the sun in the summer, I would probably just do the whole curtain thing. Hubby and I went to my parents yesterday to drop off their gifts. Usually I always pull up our mini blinds before I ever leave the house. I figure this is easier in case the little fur ball gets any ideas. Yesterday was one of those days I forgot. oops! When we got home we got an early Christmas present! My mini blinds had been annihilated! There were mini blind pieces chewed into on all over the floor and the mini blind had a real nice chewed up opening! Bad dog! Now, if I hadn't of been so mad I would of taken a picture but, I was fuming big time and all I could think of was to take the hideous thing down and pick up the mess. Has anyone else had this happen to them? If any of you out there has had this problem, you probably already know it's good to have a backup mini blind to hang until you can get a new one., unless you want an ugly bare window staring at you in the face. We found our old one, which is a bit dusty and tiny piece chewed into from one another time. It is hung up in the destroyed blinds place. This will have to do until we can get another new blind. As for Sassafrass, she got a scolding of her life and didn't receive any more pup r roni doggie treats for the day. I will have to be a little more better at remembering to raise the blinds up before I leave the house.

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  1. Oh my, Bad Doggie

    Remember there are free blinds at Menards this week. Just maybe they are the right size!?!?!?!?