Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bethlehem the day after Christ was born

Today my husband and I went to Bethlehem the day after Christ was born. They call it Bethlehem Marketplace. My old church, Fairview Missionary, every year puts this event on. This year marks the 20th year. It's amazing and an awesome reminder of the reason behind the season. We try to never to miss this event.The Styrofoam city and sandy streets come to life with a cast of 200 fairview attenders talking about the exciting news of the birth of a baby boy they call Jesus. In costume everyone portrays what it was like in Bethlehem in the days after Christ was born. While you wait to go thru the streets of Bethlehem you are seated in the Sanctuary where you listen to beautiful Christmas music which is all done from fairview people as well. I believe for some of us, our lives get so hectic and busy with opening presents and visiting family that the whole reason behind the season gets forgotten. There are gifts that are more important than the ones under the Christmas tree. Remembering Christ at Christmas time will make your holiday celebrations so much more meaningful and happy. Take time this Christmas to give thanks for the birth of Jesus Christ who came to us so very simple and the importance of the sacrifice He made in our behalf. Give your heart to Christ. Let him be at the top of your Christmas list.

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