Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Heat, Summer Fun

Summer here in Northeastern Indiana has finally gotten Hot ! We have a heat wave! With a heat advisory warning in effect. Which means that it is a prolonged period with high temps at or exceeding 100. Now , the way the summer has been going, I thought I would never see that. Summer here has been rather cool with below normal temps. It is really too hot to do much of anything unless you are playing on the lake or staying in the air conditioning.. Anyways, We still had a good time today. Hubby and I had breakfast out really early this morning and I made a quick trip to Walgreen's and CVS. We had my sister and her friend here for lunch She made a large southwestern salad, brought cantaloupe and brownies made from scratch. Which was perfect food for such a hot day. Dad stopped in for coffee and to chat. This is a regular thing every Sunday to have my dad over for coffee. We always love having him stop by. Later, after Dad left, we all took a pontoon ride around the lake and swimming. There is nothing like great fellowship, Good food, and staying cool playing in the water. We enjoyed ourselves alot! For the rest of the day I am staying in the air conditioning and vegetating. Now that sounds good for the rest of the evening. Stay cool everyone!

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