Friday, August 21, 2009

Cleaning mood

Today I spent cleaning.You know how you sometimes get into one of those "CLEANING" moods on a rare occasion I get into one of those moods. I've been aching to clean up around the ceiling fan in our living room. The globes needed taken down and washed, the fan blades wiped down and so forth. Even though I had done this last spring, you could never tell. Yikes! the dust was awful and the fly specs ( you know, those little black or brown dots on the blade YUK!) It didn't take long and it is all clean again now. Next is behind the refrigerator... Not sure what I will find lurking behind there. I never got to this tackle in the spring so it could be scary. Never less it needs done. Let me tell you all kinds of things can be found under mine. Not only did I clean under and behind the fridge I also cleaned the outside and inside I used 2 Tbls. baking soda to 1 quart warm water to wash the inside of the fridge. Baking soda is a great sanitizer and odor remover and did I say cheap? I must say, it sure was overdue and now is so much better. on the cleaning list?....the bathroom cupboard I suppose. It is in dire need of organization. I love days like this. Looking forward to another tomorrow.

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