Monday, August 10, 2009

Becky"s Back!

If you have read my March 15, 2009 post called My best friend, it"s labeled under friendship. I talked about my dear good friend, and neighbor Becky., the inspiration she is to me and how she left for 6 months to go live in Indianapolis, IN to live with her sister. She is back! She stopped in this morning to say hello. She said she tried to call but her sisters phone wasn't working right and they didn't have long distance. In the 6 months, I have only gotten to talk to her once on the phone. My, it was awesome to see her. I have missed my good friend alot! We talked and talked and talked. She has her house back and is here to stay. As you recall, Becky has dementia and quite frankly I was afraid she wouldn't remember me. That's crazy I know. The Lord knows and watches over us and allows things to happen for a reason. Sometimes we don't always understand at first. Because,Becky had been on cymbalta. This is a prescription medication for the treatment or management of fibromyalgia, major depression and general anxiety disorder which in turn was causing most of her dementia and confusion. She isn't on this anymore although ,she still has fribromyalgia but, Praise God has improved greatly. She also, finally, a while back started receiving her disability. She looks great! Everything from her health to her mind. I think the Lord knew she needed this long vacation .I am very happy for her and most of all glad she is back home. I am looking forward to many times of fellowship and praying together like we used to. Hubby and I plan on going to her church sometime with her. I've been wanting to visit this church because it's just down the road from where we live. Yes, I truly believe the Lord knows what is best for us. Thank you Lord for bringing Becky safely home and all you have done for this woman who loves you so very much and who is obedient in your word.

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