Friday, August 28, 2009

busy, busy, busy

I am going to make this posting short tonight. Hope everyone had a good week. It has been busy, busy, busy around here all week and I feel it also. I now have plenty of tomatoes and tomato juice and I hope a little tomato sauce for the winter but, we will see. After this week I am feeling a bit on the lazy side. The sale is not going too well but, that is life. The weather has been against us all the way. But, that is okay I am not going to sweat over it. The ad was supposed to be in the paper and it never got in. That little incident has not pleased me none in the least again, it's no big deal. It is my last sale of the year and as always, for me, the first time in the spring is the best time for a sale. After a long winter, most people are starving for a good yard sale. I know that is for me. I will be donating most stuff that is left. I figure I have all winter to collect ....persay...more stuff. Besides, then I don't have to store it, which has always been an issue with only so much storage space. While Hubby has been helping run the sale, Becky and I have been sorting coupons. She enjoys organizing and for me I find it tedious work so, I am very thankful for the help she has given me. Next week? Well, looking just as busy! While some of the chaos will disappear. I'm left with a messy house and frazzled set of nerves. Hee- Hee.... Ah, life.

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