Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another garden update

Well it has been pretty lazy here in the Herlan household the past few days. I haven't worked in the garden the past week or two because of my allergies. Which somehow I am blessed with. so, staying in the house more in the air conditioning instead of working outside is what I have had to do. The garden is getting pretty much done sadly to say. My zucchini squash and summer squash, the cucumbers have all slowed down now quite a bit however we are still getting 1 or 2 cucumbers here or there. We had a very successful year for these and have given many to my sister and neighbors. Our tomatoes are ripening now at a very fast pace. Hubby and I picked a bushel full tonight to can up tomorrow morning. So many of my tomatoes this year has been getting blossom end rot and I have had to throw so much away. Right now, I am not sure if I will have any to make juice. However we will see.Blossom end rot is a very common problem on homegrown tomatoes. My dad has had the same problem with this also. It appears as a depressed brownish, rather dry rot, the size of a dime to a half dollar on the blossom end of the fruit. Has anyone else had this problem this year? The tomatoes we picked tonight we took to my friend Becky ( she lives 3 houses down the road from me)We will can the tomatoes together. It will be nice to have the help as tomatoes have never been my favorite to can because it can be so messy unlike green beans and not to mention more time consuming. And like Walter Cronkite used to say, That's the way it is this August 16, 2009!

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