Monday, August 3, 2009

Fish, fish and more fish

Some people fish for a sport and some people fish well, to eat. That is my hubby and I. We love to fish but, those who know us also know we love to eat them just as much. This weekend DH and I fished all weekend. We go out in the middle of the lake to our favorite little fishing spot and fish. This last weekend seemed to be the perfect weekend to be out on the lake and just do that. Hubby with his 2 poles and me with my 2 poles and using worms my dad gave us that he himself raises. We are hoping to catch enough to make it worthwhile to clean them. Hubby says that is nothing less than 5 fish. Bluegill is what we fish for. If we catch a sunfish or perch a bass or anything else we throw them back. Friday afternoon we went out and caught 25 nice gill. Saturday afternoon we went out and caught 35 good ones. Sunday night we went out and caught 28 really nice bluegill. In fact, I caught one gill that was 8 and 3/4 inches. I would of taken a picture but I didn't take my camara along and it was dark when we got done fishing. I am not sure if it was the worms or what. Maybe it was the moon or the airpressure, really hungry fish, call it what you want But, this was a really good fishing trip. It is really good.that we now have quite a few containers in the freezer for later, like this winter when my husband gets layed off. This will help so much on the food budget. The summer here seems to be going way too fast. There may not be another opportunity to fish like this again. As fall approaches DH will be thinking hunting deer again. We are thankful for this fish, fish and more fish!

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  1. Now that sounds like a great fishing trip!!