Friday, August 7, 2009

Seasonal Allergies

It's about that time of year when many of us with seasonal allergies are starting to grumble. One of those many is me. My allergies are starting to flair up for me again. It's a seasonal thing starting in August right through the first frost. Although I really don't like to grumble but, allergies can make you feel miserable and moody. Right now I'm not too bad, like none of that sinus nasal thing yet. except for some sneezing and the last few days my eyes have felt like sandpaper 100% of the time and are extremely itchy. I am never without my trusty bottle of visine. Also for me it is hard to avoid pollen exposure altogether as I enjoy the outdoors this time of year way too much. Sometimes coping with my allergies can be difficult. It sometimes effects my sleep and my energy levels. My eyes feel tired all the time. There is some ways I deal with these symptoms or should I say try to.

1. I minimise early morning activity outside as between 5-10 am is when the pollen count is the highest.

2.I stay indoors when the pollen count is reported high or on windy days when the pollen is present in higher amounts.

3.I avoid mowing the lawn and fresh cut grass

4. I keep windows closed and if needed use the air conditioning ( I hate this one as this isn't very frugal on the electric bill )

5.I machine dry bedding and clothing because pollen can collect on laundry if it is hung outside ( this is another hate on the list and not very frugal. I love hanging my clothes outside )

6. I bathe at night to rid myself of all pollen on me before going to bed. This helps me to sleep better.

They say if something irritates you, avoid it, that's the motto that allergy sufferers must adopt. I can't avoid it all but I try my best.

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  1. I'm the exact same way on alleries. August thru the first frost I'm a mess!!!!

    thanks for the tips. I didn't know that it's highest in the morning...